Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and Reporting operates throughout the year.  In Term 1, class teachers invite parents to an important MEET THE TEACHER INFORMATION SESSION which gives an overview of class planning for the year with regard to the learning program and procedures, administration, and school-family communication.

During Term 2 individual PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS are held to share information about each child and their progress. At all other times in the year parents are encouraged to make appointments with teachers to discuss any issues of need or concern.

Each student will receive two FORMAL REPORTS each year; a Mid-Year Report (end of Term 2) and an End of Year Summative Report (end of Term 4).  These reports comply with the Australian Government’s requirements under the School Assistance (Learning Together – Achievement through Choice & Opportunity Act 2004). These reports incorporate the Australian Government’s A-E grading system and contain descriptive comments in relation to a range of specific objectives in different curriculum areas. This reporting system also focuses on the students’ behaviours, learning qualities and personal effort.

Each student’s performance is assessed in terms of these qualities and objectives.  The student's level of progress or achievement in relation to each goal is identified along a continuum.

Ethical considerations determine that the assessment and reporting are confidential between the school, the student and parents.  If parents wish to further explore the assessment in personal discussion with the teacher, please make an appointment as appropriate.

The Staff of this school believe that development of the assessment and reporting procedures should be ongoing.   This includes discussions with parents. Opportunities are thus provided for both formal and informal communication about students’ work and their future learning.

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