As a Christian school in the Catholic tradition we offer a curricula that seeks to live and celebrate Christian values.  It is grounded in the practices and principles of the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability framework.  The school is also supported by a well-resourced Library which caters for the educational needs of students across each of the curriculum areas.

Australian Curriculum

All states and territories will transition to the Australian Curriculum over the next few years. The Australian curriculum will "equip all young Australians with the essential skills, knowledge and capabilities to thrive and compete in a globalised world and information rich workplaces of the current century." The national curriculum will be accessible to all young Australians, regardless of their social or economic background or the school they attend.

As educators it is our role to construct curriculum that meets the emerging, rapidly changing and future demands of a knowledge economy and society.

Formal educational institutions no longer have the dominant role of knowledge generation and transmission in our society. As knowledge is ‘democratised’ through being generated and dispersed in multiple and increasingly accessible ways, so children and students acquire a range of skills, knowledge and dispositions from varied sources. 

The Key Learning Areas are:  Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Geography & History, Science, Information Technology, Design & Technology, The Arts, Health & Physical Education and Indonesian.





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