Parent Network

The Parent Network at St Johns is a group that works in collaboration with the school administration and the School Board in providing fundraising opportunities and social activities that promote and enhance our sense of community.

While the School Board takes full responsibility (in conjunction with the School Principal) for the policy making and financial management of the school, parents from within our community make an extremely valuable contribution to the school’s life and facilities through the Parents and Friends Association.   The Parent Network is a powerful and positive influence on our school’s community spirit.

Meetings of the Parent Network can be held in the meeting room, where parents hear reports and make suggestions about the many activities conducted by parents on behalf of the school.  The meetings and activities of our parents provide an excellent opportunity for making new friendships with other parents, and also for hearing what is ‘going on' within the school community. Regular reports from the School Board representative, from the Federation of Parents of Catholic Schools representative, ensure that the Parent Network is well informed on matters inside, and beyond, our community.

A big feature of the Parent Network’s role is its fund-raising activities that it is engaged in.  Among the functions undertaken by our Parent Network which directly support our school’s workload are: Second Hand Uniform Shop, Disco or Film nights, Mothers Day / Fathers Day gifts, Quiz Nights, Raffles, Easter-egg baskets, all are among the many supportive, social and fundraising activities of the Parent Network.

There is so much to be gained, for both individuals and our school community, through our school’s tradition of an active Parent Network group.  

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