School Board

The St John’s Board is a very important expression of our school community's responsibility for the Catholic education of the children in our care.  Much of its work is confidential in nature and so carries with it considerable responsibility.The work of the Board involves the following:

  •     Policy direction
  •     Financial management
  •     Future planning
  •     Maintenance
  •     Pastoral Care

Membership involves participation in regular meetings, including sub-committee meetings as appropriate (eg School Promotion, Maintenance, and Finance), and special functions of the school community. The Board meets monthly except during the holidays, normally on the third Wednesday of the month. Board Meetings finish no later than 9:30pm.

Any parent or caregiver may nominate someone else, or themselves. Nominees will be contacted by the Principal for their consent.  Nominations for the 2018 School Board will be called in February 2018 and elected at the School AGM held later in May.

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