Child Protection & Safety

At St Johns we take child protection seriously by adhering to the guidelines as laid out in the Care,  Wellbeing and Protection of Children and Young People policy.   The prime responsibilities for us at St John the Apostle Parish School include:

  • A duty of care to students
  • Mandated notification of child abuse and / or neglect
  • The provision of child protection curriculum for every student
  • A code of conduct to promote respectful and caring relationships

We are therefore, committed to providing a safe school environment for the protection of all students and assisting students to develop positive, responsible and caring attitudes and behaviours which recognise the rights of all people to be safe and free from both harassment and abuse.

“Children and young people are our present and our future. They have the right to grow and to develop their full potential physically, emotionally and spiritually. That potential is their families’ and communities’ responsibility to nurture and fulfil”.

South Australian Catholic Child Protection Council, Charter 2006

South Australian Catholic Child Protection Council Policy for the Care, Well-being and Protection of Children and Young People



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