Enhancing Catholic School Identity

“Catholic schools and parents continue their fruitful collaboration in the education of the young people of our community”.

Most Rev Denis J Hart DD Archbishop of Melbourne

St John the Apostle Parish School is supported in Enhancing Catholic School Identity (ECSI) by our partners: through our parish, the Catholic Education Office and the wider community.

Our school aims to make a vibrant and vital contribution to the life of the Church, to the community at large, to families and individuals. Founded on Jesus Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we strive to assist students to come to know God and to grow as human beings in the knowledge of God’s love. St Johns provides an excellent holistic education centred on the student and engaging them in authentic, purposeful learning.

Learning brings hope. It is a journey of endless possibilities engaging our students to ask questions about contemporary life. It engenders a hope that is based on the certainty of God’s promise of his love and care for us. This is the Good News of God’s kingdom, which all Catholic schools are called to proclaim as part of the Church’s mission of evangelisation.

Our School aims to reveal this Good News in the compassion and love at the heart of every encounter in the school community. We reveal this Good News when students learn to integrate their faith with their life and the world they live in. They demonstrate this Good News with their Catholic vision that each human life is of unique value, loved by God, with his or her own gifts. They show this Good News when they instil in students the desire to use their gifts to transform the world for the benefit of people everywhere and to take their part in shaping the future.


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