Our Story

Our School was founded in 1965 by the Dominican Sisters, and since that time it has become an important provider of Catholic education in the southern suburbs. Whilst changes and improvements have occurred over the years, we retain the Dominican motto of “Veritas” - Truth, which inspires the search for meaning and understanding that is faithful to the truths of Christ. This truth encourages us to hear and live the Word of God. The Dominican spirit continues to foster community life and the celebration of the Eucharist.

Our new School badge also retains the Dominican stylised crucifix, and now overlaid with three other symbols. These are:

  • An Eagle, the biblical symbol of St John the Apostle;
  • The clasped hands of friendship, indicating the "Partnership" between our school and the community that is highly valued, each of us with different roles but with a united direction for the strong growth of each and every child;
  • The waves of the sea, reminding us both of our coastal setting, and also water as a religious symbol of new life and spiritual nourishment through baptism and the sacraments.

Our staff are committed to supporting families in the education and development of your children in a Christian environment as the year progresses, and we look forward to working with you for the interests and growth of your children.


Dee-anne Peters  - Acting Principal

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