School Board

Our Board is a very important expression of our school community's responsibility for the Catholic education of the children in our care.

Much of our Boards work is confidential in nature and so carries with it considerable responsibility for:

  • Policy direction
  • Financial management
  • Future planning
  • Maintenance
  • Pastoral Care

Contributing to our School Board

Membership involves participation in regular meetings. The Board meets monthly except during the term breaks, normally on the third Wednesday of the month, and board meetings finish no later than 9:00pm.

Any parent or caregiver may nominate someone else, or themselves. Nominees will be contacted by the Principal for their consent. 

Why join a school board?

Catholic schools encourage parental involvement in a variety of ways such as collaborating with teachers in the classroom, listening to students read, or volunteering in other ways.

A more formal role is to become a member of the school board. The board allows parents to have a voice in the strategic direction of the school. 




Visit the School Boards website for more information - this website provides resources to help school boards in Catholic schools in South Australia. It was developed in response to requests from principals to digitalise the ‘Manual for School Board Members’.