Catholic Education South Australia

Fees & Levies

       FEES AND LEVIES 2020

     Tuition              1st  Child           $1,575

                                2nd Child           $1,260

                               3rd  Child           $ 945

                               4+  Children       $ Nil


                             ICT Levy                           $263     per student per year

                             Resource Levy                $456     per student per year

                             Building Levy                  $210     per family per year

                             Fundraising Levy            $74       per family per year


These payments can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Direct Debit, BPAY or credit card.

Fee Payment Procedures

Fee accounts will be billed annually in Term 1. Copies of the Fee Policy are available from the School Office.

Parents / Guardians have the option to settle Tuition Fees in full in Term 1 or by instalments over 3 terms. Please note: Direct Debits will be spread over 3 terms.

If the fees are paid in full within 4 weeks of the invoices being issued you will receive a 5% discount off the total schools’ fees.

Reminder notices will be sent to families with outstanding fees each term, if fees are not received on a regular basis.

Accounts that are outstanding will be referred to the Principal and followed up with a letter and/or interview.

Outstanding accounts where no effort has been made to settle the account or a payment plan has not been arranged – will be placed in the hands of a collection agency.


For an easy and convenient way to pay your fees for 2020, please ask Lee-Anne Clark the school bursar for an authority form to arrange Direct Debit payment from your bank account. The payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Budgeting advice for school payments is available.  Payments can also be made using BPay and more information will be included on your first account.


Students are charged a fee of $1575 to cover the costs of books, stationery, library books, classroom reading materials, art and craft materials, duplicating paper, classroom equipment, PE equipment, Religious Education requirements, audio-visual equipment, and other educational needs throughout the year.  All purchases are for the children’s use but remain the property of the school except for exercise books. The Catholic Education Office charges several levies per child to support such issues as Child Protection, Professional Indemnity and copyright management, these are included in the Tuition fees.


The Resource Levy covers excursions (including cost of buses) swimming/Aquatic lessons and the sports lessons that are organized through different Sports Associations. This also covers the cost of Educational programs and resources. This year the levy is $456 per student.



This levy of $263 per student per year is an annual fee that covers all costs associated with Technology.


As from 2011 the Building levy is compulsory and is $210 per family.  This is an annual charge per family to assist the school in meeting Capital Expenses.


This levy of $74 per family per year enables our school to continually upgrade furniture & equipment and other general-purpose items. This levy helps reduce the amount of fundraising the families need to do throughout the year to raise funds for these types of purchases.


A government grant is available to help lower-income families.  This scheme varies from year to year with the criteria necessary to be eligible.  Information re School Card will be available through the Finance Office early in 2020. 

Concessions for School Card in 2020 will not be available until School Card official approval is granted.


If you believe you may be eligible for Fee Remission in 2020, please collect an application form from the School Office and return it to the school as soon as possible. 

A new application is required each year.

Please note that fee remissions are only applicable on Tuition Fees.  All other charges are payable in full, as they are expenses that are directly incurred by the school.

If you have children enrolled at other Catholic Schools, then this application should be made at the School of the eldest child and the information is passed on (you only need to apply once).  If you have any concerns, please speak to us personally or see Lee-Anne Clark in the School Office.


A $20 non-refundable application fee applies to all applications. 

To take up the offer of enrolment a refundable $50 and non-refundable $25 transition/acceptance fee applies to all students.  The refundable portion will then be deducted from the initial school fees.


OSHC Fees at St Johns remains one of the most affordable in the area. OSHC Fees are strictly 7-day accounts.


2020 OSHC Fees


Before School

6:30am – 8:30am                           $15


After School

3:10pm – 6:30pm                           $22

Pupil Free Day                                $45                (min 6 students)


Dee-Anne Peters - Principal