St John the Apostle has a compulsory school uniform which all students are required to wear.

       Our school uniform is designed to:

  • Identify our school community
  • Instill a sense of pride in our school
  • Exclude competition
  • Ensure flexibility for both genders
  • Cost effectiveness

The summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4; the winter uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3. There is a sports uniform for Physical Education which students wear on the days they have Sport Lessons.

*Please note - a new, single activewear uniform will commence from 2025 to be worn throughout the year. There will be a two-year change over period from 2025 for existing students.

New Uniform to Commence 2025

A new, single activewear uniform will commence from 2025, to be worn throughout the year. There will be a two-year changeover period from 2025 for existing students.

All items must be purchased from Lowes Colonnades and include the school logo. The uniform consists of:

  • Polo shirt
  • Navy fleece tracksuit pants
  • Navy shorts or skort
  • School jumper
  • School hat which includes the sports day team colour inside
  • Optional items include a soft-shell jacket and beanie

Summer Uniform (Terms 1&4)

  • Dominican check dress, plain white ankle socks
  • Black sandals or black school shoes
  • School jumper with logo
  • Grey shorts
  • White shirt (banded waist shirt optional)
  • Grey shorts, grey socks
  • School jumper with logo
  • Hat - broad-brimmed with logo

Winter Uniform (Terms 2&3)

  • Blue check pinafore/skirt, plain white socks or navy blue tights
  • White shirt or white skivvy
  • Grey/navy trousers (no side pockets on legs), grey socks
  • Black school shoes 
  • School jumper with logo‚Äč

Physical Education and Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform is to be worn on the nominated class sports days, external sports events, excursions and as advised by the class teacher.

  • Short sleeve white polo shirt with logo (long sleeves optional for winter)
  • Navy fleece track pants or navy shorts
  • Navy skort
  • Plain white sports socks
  • White low cut sports shoes
  • St Johns rugby jumper


Note: The St Johns rugby jumper is an optional uniform item and can only be worn as part of the sports uniform.

For all new uniform purchases including replacement sun hats (see details below) please contact or visit:  

LOWES - Centro Colonnades
Beach Road, Noarlunga  
Ph: 8326 2528
Fax: 8382 7473

Hats can be purchased from the school office at a cost of $15.00 (slouch).

Online ordering is also available at https://www.lowes.com.au/schools-online

Second Hand Uniform Cupboard

Second hand uniforms can be purchased from the front office.

Styles and sizes are limited, please contact the front office on 8382 2064 for more information.

Uniform Images