Religious Education

Sacramental Program

From Year 3 to Year 6, our students are invited to participate in a parish-based Sacramental program, which builds upon the foundations of each year.

Sacraments are celebrated in our Parish, strengthening and affirming valuable links between the Parish and the school community. Students commence their celebration of the Sacraments from Year 3  beginning with Reconciliation, and following with Confirmation and Eucharist.

The school enjoys a close relationship with Father Josey and the parish. And whilst the Sacramental Programs are run in partnership with the parish; they are facilitated under the direction of our school with the support of our families.


Through the Religious Education Framework, ‘Crossways,’ we explore the Catholic faith through the strands of Believing, Living and Celebrating.

The Framework helps to deepen students’ understanding of the Catholic Tradition and develop an appreciation of its significance in their lives, so that that they may participate effectively in the life of the Church and develop skills and attitudes that will help them to develop into responsible, compassionate and faith-filled adults.