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St John's can now order from Rory's Lunches online!

  • Lunch orders can be placed up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Parent helpline available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Qkr! App
  • Fresh & Healthy menu


Rory's School Lunches


Rory’s is an Adelaide-based catering and canteen management company that currently delivers lunch services to over 40 Adelaide schools. 

They truly believe all students deserve healthy and nutritious food to support their growth and learning so their dedicated team of chefs prepare fresh and healthy meals daily.

Rory’s School Lunches menu
Rory’s team of chefs cook the traditional way. Taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices to boost flavour, food is delivered fresh daily, without the need to use preservatives to extend shelf life.

Menus are updated regularly, making it exciting for staff and students. Parents can enjoy a guilt-free day off from making lunch too, knowing that Rory’s lunches are not only affordable but also fresh and healthy.

Click here to download the current Rory’s menu.

Rory’s caters to many dietary requirements to ensure that everyone has access to the menu. Full details can be found on the website at

Click here QKR!  for instructions on how to use QKR!

Further information
Information on Rory’s School Lunches can be found at or Facebook. There is also a parent helpline available Monday to Friday between 8:30am & 5:00pm on 0413 575 800.