Our Values

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plain logo.JPG

Our school symbol

Our values permeate everything we do as a school community.

Our school badge reflects the Dominican stylised crucifix with three other symbols:

  • An Eagle, the biblical symbol of St John the Apostle;
  • The clasped hands of friendship, indicating the "Partnership" between our school and the community that is highly valued, each of us with different roles but with a united direction for the strong growth of each and every child;
  • The waves of the sea, reminding us both of our coastal setting, and also water as a religious symbol of new life and spiritual nourishment through baptism and the sacraments.


Our students are encouraged to be:

  • Open to a relationship with God and know that God loves them unconditionally
  • Collaborative and able to relate to others with understanding and integrity
  • Generous and compassionate community members who respect the dignity of others
  • Hope-filled and resilient in their outlook on life and the future