Your Child's Wellbeing


KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian children.  It is a flexible, whole-school approach to improving children’s mental health and wellbeing and it has been tailored to suit our local needs.

Through KidsMatter, we have undertaken a two-to three-year cyclical process in which to plan and take action as a positive community; one that is founded on respectful relationships and a sense of belonging and inclusion, and that promotes:

  • social and emotional learning (including evidence-based social and emotional learning programs)
  • working authentically with parents, carers and families
  • support for students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.

KidsMatter builds on the work we are already doing in these areas and provides proven methods, tools and support to further help us to work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to  nurture happy, balanced kids.

Being,Belonging & Becoming

We begin each year with a four week focus in the school community promoting wellbeing, respectful relationships and inclusion.

We support this with Program Achieve which is continued throughout the year.

The program’s core purpose is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including:

  • Confidence (academic, social),
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Getting Along
  • Emotional Resilience