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From the Acting Principal


I am really excited to join St John the Apostle community this term and am looking forward to getting to know the community and continue the amazing work that has already been put in place.  I feel extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work at such a beautiful school with amazing facilities for our students with the added benefit of sea views!  If you would like to know a little bit about me, read further on for an interview I had with some of our senior students.

St John’s is a place of, Welcome, Love and Truth and this vision underpins all that we do as we welcome and are inclusive of everyone in our school, work in partnership with parents and families, and support the tradition of St Dominic in our social justice initiatives, prayerful reflections and Jesus as our model in which to live our lives.  We have a strong connection with our Parish and are extremely fortunate to have a beautiful chapel we are able to utilise to celebrate, class masses , liturgies and also as a staff. 

This year we have had to make a couple of changes to our break times to accommodate time tabling for our specialist lessons and teacher contact hours.  Our recess break will now be from 10.50am until 11.20am  and lunch is 1.10pm until 1.40pm.  We had a couple of teething issues as we worked through some different scenarios but have now settled on the times below. 


These are our schools times

8.30am - Gates open and teachers are on duty to supervise, students can play on the courts and oval.

8.50am -The school bell rings and students move to their classrooms for the day

                                                     10.50am-11.20am -  Recess play

                                                     1.10pm-1.40pm -    Lunch Play

                                                     3.10pm - School concludes, teachers are on duty till 3.30pm


COVID-19 continues to be a part of our world and we therefore have practices in place that apply to the general community for the safety of all.  Thank you for your support by socially distancing and remaining out of the buildings when you can.  We are due to receive our QR code for covid safe check in systems on Monday 8th February.  These will be in place at entry points around our school.  Whenever you enter the site can you please check in via the QR code or enter your details on the proforma.  All adults entering school sites will be required to check in.  Thank you in advance for your support.

With restrictions in place we are unfortunately unable to gather for the annual acquaintance night.  As an alternative to this we would like to invite our families to see your child’s classroom in action and meet your child’s teacher.   In order to cater for numbers we ask that you book in for either the morning or afternoon session using the school interview booking system. Bookings will open at 10am on Monday 8th February and will close on Monday 15th February at 10am. Please see further information at the end of the newsletter on how to book. We really hope that you enjoy our open classrooms.

Open Classrooms

Rec – year 3                Wednesday 24th February                  9.00am-9.30am or 2.30-3.00pm

Years 4 – 6                   Wednesday 3rd March                        9.00am-9.30am or 2.30-3.00pm


After School Pickup

Can I please remind you to take care when collecting your children after school and to remain in your car and move forward when using the kiss and drop area.  The kiss and drop area is a no parking area and drivers must remain in their cars.  This allows the pickup area to move quickly and reduce the number of cars banked up.  The council will be out from time to time and do fine drivers and we don’t want our families to receive any fines.  We need to be considerate of our neighbours who are also trying to enter and exit their homes during these times. 

Have a wonderful weekend

Take care,

Leanne Johansen