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From the Principal


The end of a term can often be one of reflection as we pause to acknowledge the successes of the term, the wonderful growth in knowledge and understandings our students have demonstrated and begin planning for the following term.  We hope that you found the recent learning conversations to be supportive of your child’s learning journey where you were able to celebrate their successes and set new learning goals to work towards.  Thank you for making the time to meet, the partnership between school and parents is essential in the learning journey as we work together to support the academic, social and emotional development of our learners.

Last week we celebrated Holy Week, which is the most significant week in our Catholic Church.  As a community we gathered to hear the journey of Jesus as he was welcomed into Jerusalem and finally his journey to Calvary where he died and was buried.  These events were beautifully and reverently re-enacted by our students and encouraged us to reflect on Jesus’ life, his journey, sacrifices he made to inspire us to be the very best version of ourselves, where we help those less fortunate, embrace and support those who are different and forgive.  As we conclude the season of Lent with the celebration of Easter it provides us with the opportunity to renew our faith and commit to new ways of being, knowing that Christ is always present and there for us.  

Thank you for your support of the continued COVID restrictions, and QR sign in.  We feel like we are all adjusting to a new normal with parents able to come on site in smaller numbers and continuing to socially distance, we are all hopeful that we will be able to resume increases in parents onsite. As things change we will continue to keep you informed. 

Pick Up & Drop Off Reminders

Please remember that pick up and drop off in the pick up area are strictly for 2 mins only.  Please be careful not to block driveways and to keep the traffic moving as residents are unable to get into or out of their driveways, this may mean you need to do a lap of the block if unable to access the pick up area.  Teachers are on duty until 3.30pm, if you want to avoid the 3.10pm rush and come a little latter.

Wishing all families as wonderful and safe term break.  Take care if you travelling, we look forward to seeing you next term.  Please note that school resumes on Tuesday 27th April due to the ANZAC day long weekend.

Leanne Johansen