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RCB & RSM Term 1 2021


The children have enjoyed investigating, exploring and Inquiring about Habitats. We have been observing the differences in habitats, and particularly looking at the different plants and animals that live in each habitat.  We are continuing to explore our Habitats Inquiry through all curriculum areas. During week 7 we went for a local walk to the beach to investigate what ocean plants we could find, the children really enjoyed doing this type of research. We are going to the zoo on Tuesday the 30th of March to see the habitats we have been learning about.  


In Maths, the children are continuing to develop counting principles and number skills through hands on experiences. We encourage the children to share their thinking with each other and to record their understanding in a variety of ways. We have explored 2D and 3D shape and completed some learning about sorting and patterning. 


We are excited to see our learners develop as readers and writers, keenly expressing themselves through Our jolly Phonics and our new Heggerty’s programs. After completing some assessments, we soon be working in different group settings, focussing on all areas of Literacy, with a specific goal for each group.