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2/3KL, 2/3MB & 2/3MW Term 1 2021


In maths many of us have be learning how to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks, it gets a lot harder in year 2 and 3 as we have to know the time to 5-minute intervals. We are also looking at money and how we can make amounts with different notes and coins and working out the change.   


In History we have been comparing the local area to how it looked 50 or more years ago, it has changed so much, we can't believe how big the sand dunes in Port Noarlunga used to be, we bet they were fun to slide down! We know all about Colonel Light and why he was so important for Adelaide and we have also looked at local monuments, designing one to represent ourselves.   


Art has been fun too, we are creating a large mural that we can be part of, we have looked at how the colours change and cold and warm colours.  We enjoy our fitness lessons as it gives us a chance to all work together.    


In Religion we have learnt about the liturgical season of Lent as a time for a change of heart. We celebrated our Class mass with Year 2/3KL which focused on justice. 2/3 have been working on a unit about Earth and Space. We have learnt about the Sun and moon including what causes day and night. It was fun measuring our shadows. We have learnt about space exploration and designed and built a lunar module for STEM.