News & Events

5/6MS & 5/6RS


In Science the students have undertaken two different experiments in their study on yeast. During the first experiment the students were given multiple bread samples and had to use their five senses in order to distinguish each sample. This was then followed by another experiment mixing ingredients such as yeast, sugar and warm water poured into different bottles then enclosed with a balloon. 

Within our HASS subjects, we have been learning about life in early colonial Australia. Students researched inventions created during the industrial revolution and the impacts these inventions had on the greater public and employment climate. We are now moving onto the arrival of the convicts to Australian shores. In Inquiry lessons students are currently creating an informative poster about a chosen invention from the industrial revolution. We hope to begin the design phase for then building a model of their chosen invention before the end of this term. 


 A group of students who were selected from a trial process, are heading off to the swimming carnival Wednesday afternoon. We wish them the best of luck! We are also preparing for our full day at Port Noarlunga beach for our aquatics program in a few short weeks. The 5/6’s are beginning the fundraising for the Year 6 camp by holding a ‘Hot cross bun day’ in week 10. Students will donate the hot cross buns which will then be sold to the rest of the school on March 31st.