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From the Principal


It’s hard to believe that we are already at the half way point of the year and have completed our first two terms of school for 2021.  As I reflect on my first 6 months at St John’s I feel we have much to celebrate, as our students have enjoyed an uninterrupted six months of learning and all of our excursions and events have been able to occur.  Our students have enjoyed their school disco, numerous excursions, school sports and carnivals, open mornings, school masses, lunch clubs, choir and so much more.  In our final week of term we have enjoyed the reception art show, year 3-6 netball carnival, confirmation and we also had an impromptu visit of a whale and its baby to Christies Beach.  As a school we walked down to see the whale and its baby, how fortunate we are to have the whale visiting our local beach! I am very grateful to the amazing dedicated staff at St John’s for providing these additional experiences for our students. 

As the school holidays begin it’s important that we are conscious of the amount of screen time our children participate in as it’ is very easy to unintentionally let them remain watching tv and play on their devices.  It is recommended that children in the ages of 2 to 5 years only participate in 1 hour of screen time a day and children from 5 to 17 years have a maximum of 2 hours a day.  Screen time includes electronic devices such as Ipads, electronic games, phones and TV.  It is very easy to let our children spend numerous hours in front of devices, especially when it may be wet and cold outside.  The Australian Parenting website have some great recommendations and strategies we can all do to limit the amount of screen time for our children and include the following:

  • Avoid screen time before bed as using screens can affect how quickly your child falls asleep.

  • Encouraging play and catch ups with their friends away from the screen to build their social skills, learning to take turns.

  • Keep devices out of bedrooms at night to avoid the temptation to continue playing up late and messaging friends.

  • Refer to the Australian classification guidelines and ratings to ensure age appropriate viewing content of games and movies/programs/series.


This week 13 students from St John’s celebrated their confirmation, we were fortunate to have Archbishop Patrick O’Regan celebrate the beautiful liturgy with us.  Confirmation is a significant celebration where the candidates renew their baptismal promises made by their families, often when they are babies.  Congratulations to Kamea, Lucy, Chloe, Maree, Hope, Kieran, Kobi, Noah, David, Tiana, Harley and Lola on receiving the sacrament of confirmation.  I would also like to thank Jamie Mulchay for his time supporting our students to prepare for this sacrament.  We look forward to celebrating their first holy communion with them later next term.

We are concluding this term with a fundraiser organised by our Young Leaders, 5c Friday.  I would like to thank our Youth Leaders for organising the day with all money raised supporting ‘Love your Sister’, the proceeds from this foundation support cancer research.  Thank you for supporting our youth leaders and this fundraiser. 

I hope you have a wonderful term break and we look forward to seeing you in term 3.

Warm regards,

Leanne Johansen


School Attendance - Every Day Counts

At St Johns we pride ourselves on high level school attendance and performance. So that this can continue, we ask that you make appointments for your child after school where possible.  When children miss out on sections of their school day, they are being excluded from important information and learning. Promoting good habits of school attendance and routines supports children with their learning and academic performance. It is a government requirement that we report on school attendance for all children and follow up on absences.  If your child is absent for 2 days or more, a medical certificate is required. We thank you for your support in this important matter.


Before and After school Pick up / drop off 

As of term 3 we would ask our families of reception to year 1's (and their siblings) to please where possible to use the Carmichael road entrance/exit for school drop off and school pick up. This will help with the congestion around our school at these times.

* A handy hint - Teachers are on duty at the gates till 3.30pm. School congestion is at a minimum by 3.20pm


School Uniform Reminders

School uniform is compulsory at St John the Apostle Parish School. Students are required to wear the correct school uniform at all times.

       St John the Apostle Parish School uniform is designed to:

  • Identify our school community

  • Instil a sense of pride in our school

  • Exclude competition

  • Ensure flexibility for both genders

  • Cost effectiveness

General Information

Sport clothing is to be worn on nominated sports days and for school excursions only and must not be worn as regular school uniform. The sport rugby top must not be worn in place of the school jumper.

Hair - To be kept neat and tidy, conventional styles only. Long hair must be fastened back - school uniform colours (Dominican check / navy) accessories only are permitted.

Jewellery - Plain silver or gold studs or small sleepers for pierced ears (max. one per ear). Only a chain with religious cross or medal. NO OTHER ORNAMENTATIONS (no rings etc).

The St Johns uniform can be purchased from Lowes, Colonnades Shopping Centre, Beach Road, Noarlunga –  Ph: 8326 2528


  • Dominican check dress, plain white ankle socks

  • Black sandals or black school shoes

  • School jumper with logo

  • Grey shorts

  • white shirt (banded waist shirt optional)

  • Grey shorts, Grey socks


  • Blue check pinafore / Skirt, Plain white socks or navy blue tights

  • White shirt or white skivvy

  • Grey / Navy pants (no side pockets on legs), Grey socks

  • Black school shoes

  • School jumper with logo


Sports Uniform is to be worn on the nominated class sports days, external sports events, excursions and as advised by the class teacher.

  • Short sleeve white polo shirt with logo (long sleeves optional for winter)

  • Navy fleece track pants or navy shorts

  • Navy skort

  • White sports socks

  • White low cut sports shoes.

  • St Johns rugby jumper

Note: The St Johns rugby jumper is an optional uniform item and can only be worn as part of the sports uniform.


Hats are to be worn for all outdoor activities. The wearing of hats is optional during the months of June, July and August.