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From the Principal


Dear Families,

As we conclude the end of term 3, I would like to thank you for your support as we managed the lockdown that begun this term and for working in partnership with us as you supported the learning programs to continue for your child/ren.  Whilst the start of this term wasn’t ideal, we were still able to continue with our learning programs and fortunately were back face to face quickly for the remainder of the term.  Covid has really highlighted to me the importance of social connection as I saw our students and staff so happy to be back at school after the 7-day lock down.  Social connection is very important and whilst technology is great it is that face to face catch up and connection that is crucial for us all, we are social beings and aren’t wired to be in isolation.  Unfortunately, with COVID we have had to restrict adults on site, making it challenging for us to gather.   We have tried to be creative and share as much of our learning with you and continue our school celebrations in different ways.  I hope the grandparents were able to enjoy the performances shared via Facebook last week.  I know it’s not quite the same as our morning of scones, tours of the school and live performances but we hope it was still enjoyed by all.  I would like to thank Lisa Martin for all her work organising the performances.  Lisa choreographed the actions, organised the songs and filmed the performances.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching them myself. 

This week our year 4 students attended camp at Mylor, we were all very relieved that camp was able to go ahead after it was cancelled earlier in the term.  I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with the year 4 students yesterday on camp.  It was wonderful to see our students working together, having new experiences and cheering each other on.  Camps are wonderful opportunities for students to grow, develop many dispositions including perseverance, cooperation, creativity and problem solving. 

Last night our senior choir performed at the Catholic Schools music festival at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.  It was a fabulous evening with our school chosen to be front row.  I was so proud of our students and their performance; it is such a wonderful experience, and I would encourage all our younger students to consider being in the choir.  The evening is extremely well choreographed, it’s amazing to see the many catholic schools perform together.  A very special thank you again to Lisa Martin who works with our senior choir weekly and has done such a wonderful job preparing them for last night’s performance.  

Next term we would like to invite our families to join in our Monday morning flag raising and class awards.  When you come in, please QR code, wear a mask and socially distance. 

Have a wonderful safe term break and we look forward to seeing everyone back ready for an exciting term 4.

warm regards,

Leanne Johansen