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From the Principal


As we draw to the end of the year preparations are well underway for the 2022 school year.  This year we farewell a few staff and thank them for their generosity and dedication to the teaching of their students and the St John’s community.

 Loretta Wheatland will be retiring at the end of the school year and we wish Loretta every happiness as she moves into the next stage of her life.  We thank her for her 19 years of service at St John’s and the difference she has made to the many students she has been fortunate to teach.  It has been 40 years since Loretta graduated with her teaching qualification.  Loretta is an outstanding educator and will be missed at St Johns, we may be fortunate to have her back for some relief teaching next year. 

 We also farewell Caitlin Button who will be moving to Port Lincoln in the new year to begin a position at St Joseph’s.  Caitlin has made a wonderful contribution to the education of the students she has taught at St John’s and we wish her every success at her new school.

 Amy will also be leaving us at the end of the school year.  We thank Amy for all her time and energy teaching the students at St John’s and look forward to having her back for some relief teaching next year.

 I am extremely grateful to Loretta, Caitlin and Amy for all they have given to the St John’s community over the years.  I know you will wish them all every success in the future. 

We have a number of new staff joining St John’s in 2022 and I would like to welcome the following teachers to our beautiful community:

Kellie Marks from McAuley Community School

Kylie Burton from Pinnacle College

Danielle Murphy from Henley Beach Primary

Terri Cussiada from St Martin de Porres School

We look forward to welcoming our new staff in the new year. 

Below are our class structures and teachers for 2022.


Simone Mashford


Anthony Egidio


Amanda Benz

Year 1

Krystal Lowey

Year 1

Kylie Osborn 0.4 & Terri Cussadia 0.6

Year 2/3

Vikki Maillard

Year 2/3

Justin Marsh 0.4 & Holly Lewis 0.6

Year 2/3

Kellie Marks

Year 4

Tricia Clark

Year 4

Kylie Burton

Year 5/6

Ruth Sampson 0.6 & Lisa Martin 0.4

Year 5/6

Dannielle Murphy


Donna Moyle


Justin Marsh

Performing Arts

Lisa Martin


Next Tuesday 7th December reports will go home.  I am thankful to all our teachers for the time and energy they put in preparing the reports alongside the usual preparation that goes into everyday teaching programs

Each student will also be notified of their class and teacher for 2022 in the student report and on Thursday 9th December all students will have the opportunity to meet their teacher and class.

The end of the year can be an anxious and also exciting time as we think about changing teachers and classes for the following year.  These feelings are all very normal.  Madhavi Nawana Parker has written a wonderful article on class placements and I encourage you to take the time to read it.

As a Catholic community, we are in the season of Advent, which can be a time of busy rushing around as we prepare for Christmas.  There is a wonderful clip I encourage you to watch which is a reminder of what Advent really is and to stop, slow down, enjoy this season, be there for one another and share Hope.

hank you for following the COVID-19 requirements to QR code check in and wear a mask when entering buildings.  As always if any new information comes to light I will continue to share this with you.  All adults are welcome onto our site.

Have a wonderful week.

Warm regards,

Leanne Johansen